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ANORECTAL CLINIC has been set up to cure Anorectal Diseases like Piles (Hemorrhoids), Anal Fissures (Fissure-in-ano), Anal Fistula (Fistula-in-ano), Anorectal abscess, Pilonidal sinus etc. with most comfortable and convenient medical treatments, using the latest and most recent medical technology and time tested principles.

About the Second Opinion Services

The idea is based on a very simple principle. A second medical opinion is when a second specialist studies the patient’s medical file and gives another opinion on the diagnosis and treatment options.

A Second Opinion is the process of seeking an evaluation by another doctor to review the diagnosis and treatment plan of primary physician or to offer an alternative diagnosis and alternative treatment.

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What is an anorectal disorder?

Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment Methods

Anorectal disorders are a group of medical disorders that occur at the junction of the anal canal and the rectum. Many of these diseases cause similar symptoms, so patients need medical diagnosis to get the right treatment and to avoid a severe condition. Here are a few of the conditions that may be diagnosed as anorectal disease: hemorrhoids, fistula, fissures, diarrhea, abscesses and rectal prolapse.

PILES - बवासीर

FISSURE - फिशर

FISTULA - भगन्दर

Medical Services

Improving Your Quality of Life

Aanorectal Diseases Clinic

We care for patients with conditions affecting the small bowel, colon, rectum and pelvic floor. Because we are specialists, we are sensitive to the fact that these private parts of the body may be difficult to talk about. However, we encourage you to share your concerns, because there is no reason for problems in these areas to go untreated.

In general, when symptoms associated with the bottom occur, seek medical care and obtain a proper understanding of the problem. Do not live in fear and worsen the situation. Remember, good diet, good habits and proper exercise goes a long way in keeping you healthy. Take care, and stay healthy!

Blood in my stools!

When someone sees blood in the pan, has pain while passing stools or feels a swelling in the anal region, the first thought is of piles. Piles symptoms might not always mean piles. The truth is, piles is just one of many conditions that affect the anal region.

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Dr. Imtiyaz Kondkari, Second Opinion Physician for Rarely Treated Diseases, Consultant and Family Physician, is available at Kurla Nursing Home, Pipe Road, Kurla West, Mumbai as per schedule given below;


TUESDAY 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
THURSDAY 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
SATURDAY 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Call Now +91-9322-253527 or write to us at: info@anorectaldiseases.com

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